First Coast Legal Group, LLC is a tri-state legal and international consulting firm serving Florida, Georgia, New York and the District of Columbia. First Coast Legal Group, LLC prides itself in promoting the well-being of the local, national and international community and we are committed to providing you with knowledgeable and practical legal advice concerning your family and business.

In the midst of the current economic climate, we are well aware of the financial struggles that families are facing. We have dedicated a large portion of our practice to assist those in need of legal services such as foreclosure defense, bankruptcy, landlord-tenant law and family law. First Coast Legal Group, LLC invites you to schedule an appointment with our office for a complimentary initial consultation regarding your legal needs.

Additionally, First Coast Legal Group, LLC is committed to the advancement of Jacksonville, Florida in serving as a major contender in international trade. We are experienced in working with local and international officials as well as private enterprise in the international trade, shipping and logistics industries and we look forward to connecting you to the right people and attracting industry to Jacksonville. We are also experienced in providing you with legal assistance in the areas of Customs law and international trade law specifically with regard to duty drawbacks, claims for liquidated damages, classification issues and penalties. First Coast Legal Group, LLC invites you to schedule an appointment with our office if you or your business seek to initiate a global reach, need to streamline your existing trade patterns to achieve more efficiency and cost-effectiveness or if you are seeking legal advisement with respect to issues concerning the United States Customs and Border Protection Agency.